Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dining Table

We had a productive long weekend. We made great progress with hanging our new light fixtures and while my talented hubby was up in the roof connecting the lights I used my time to work on a little job I had been meaning to attempt for a while. This was our dining table.....
I forgot to get a good 'before' shot, the photo above was actually taken to be used as a 'before new light fixture' photo but it will have to do the job for my 'before' dining table picture.
The 'during' photos don't quite convey the amount of work that goes into preparing the furniture or the amount of pain my muscles are in today from all of the sanding.
As I sanded, we changed our minds about what finish we would do on the table. Both Nick and I decided that we liked the different shades that were uncovered as I worked. Initially we had decided to paint the legs of the table white and leave the table top raw and wax or oil it.
We decided that we liked the different shades in the timber and we wanted to keep some of that effect to create interest so we tried a white wash on the table legs.
To achieve this finish, apply the paint to the furniture and then wipe it off with a wet rag. I used a water based paint that we had left over from the doors and trim.
We left the table top raw and just used furniture wax to give it a protective coating.
As we finished up sanding (yes, Nick came to my rescue and helped finish the sanding), Nick found this.....
Photo source: McCarthy Designs

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  1. I love the whitewashed effect...your table looks wonderful. Have a happy weekend, xv.