Monday, September 21, 2009

Dream Home

Welcome to my new home, we have lots of room to move with a total of 4,471sqm of house set on 29 acres. The views are just spectacular, you can see over to North Stradbroke Island not to mention the Koala Sanctuary and our own lake.
There is plenty of room to park your car and you can choose one of the seven bedrooms to stay in.
You must be hungry after you trip, come through to the kitchen and I can make you something to eat.
Unfortunately all of the furniture hasn't arrived and I would love your opinion on how best to furnish the house, there are wonderful long hallways that we could hang some great works of art or a selection of family portraits.
What shall I place in the entry here, I think I will have to find some big pieces of furniture to fill this space as any normal sized items will just look silly.
What about the ballroom? Shall I strategically place clusters of seating around the room leaving plenty of space for dancing in the centre?
Come upstairs, you can freshen up in the bathroom....
I'll meet you back downstairs in this room overlooking the pool and we can decide how to best use this space, so it is not wasted.
When we've had enough decorating we can relax with a nice swim in the pool.
What do you think? Is this a hugely extravagant house. Would you be happy in something this size?
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Formal expressions of interest close on the 9th October.
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