Thursday, May 30, 2013

4 months old

Jack, you are four months old already.

You are still a very serious and studious little boy, carefully watching everything around you.

You are becoming more alert and that makes it hard to be out and about during nap time, you much rather watch what is happening all around you.

You have continued to sleep very well over night though and have started sleeping 11 - 12 hours without waking for a feed or for comfort :-) (lets hope that lasts)

You have discovered some new sounds with the most recent being a growl, that you enjoy testing out often.

You love nappy free time and bath time, such a huge contrast to when you were first born.

We have bought you a jolly jumper and you worked out how it works quite quickly and you enjoy spending time in it.

You are learning how your fingers work and spend quite a long time staring intently at them as you move each one.

You are dribbling.... 
in fact I am not sure who is worse, you or the dog.

You are growing well and still sitting on the 75th percentile, 65 cm long and your weight is 7.39 kg

You still enjoy playing with the jungle gym however you are getting frustrated faster with it and ready for more.

You are just starting to roll from you back to your front.

You enjoy sitting in the bumbo and watching as I make Nicholas lunch in the morning or you sit with us at the dining table as we eat, in fact I am sure you wish you could join in sometimes.

You are a delightful little boy who is loved so much and we just enjoy you so much 



  1. i love all your pics of Jack! he is such a handsome little boy!!! so, so cute!!!! Sounds like he is doing so well Nellie, i am so happy for you! time flies doesnt it? doesnt seem like such a long time ago that i remember you trying to fall pregnant. Jack was definently worth the wait! hugs to you! xx

  2. wow four months already, he truly look so content, you are blessed smooch xx