Wednesday, May 1, 2013

3 months old already

Wow  has the time flown past, its hard to believe that our precious boy is 3 months old already. What a lovely baby he is, we are so blessed to have him in our lives :-)

The colic is settling down and I stopped giving him the drops about a week and a half ago. He doesn't seem to be in pain any more however passing wind is still a bit of a struggle and the downside is that he has started waking up more frequently when he has wind :-( I will give it a week or so and see how he goes if he  hasn't gone back to sleeping through the night we may have to do something about it.

We spent two weeks in Coffs Harbour enjoying our long awaited holiday, it was such a lovely time for us as a family, no schedule, minimal house work and beautiful weather. We really relaxed and enjoyed our time away as a family of four. 

Two weeks make such a difference in a babies life and Jack really grew and developed new skills while we were away.


His weigh in yesterday was great, he has gained another 800 grams and is now 6.8 kgs as well as stretching another 4.5 cm making him 63.5 cm long. No wonder my arms and back started to ache from carrying him around :-)

Jack has really started to enjoy play time and thankfully spends quite a while absorbed in his jungle gym. I was rather disorganised and had to complete some paperwork on Monday for the government and Jack played on his own for almost three hours in the afternoon on the floor while I "played" with the paper and laptop at my desk. Great kid! 

He then got to come with me to his first finance committee meeting that evening and to his credit only fell asleep towards the end of the hour and a half meeting, we may have an accountant in the making.

We have started getting plenty more smiles from Jack provided there is no camera around and today on the way home in the car from lunch Jack discovered his reflection in the baby view mirror and happily gurgled away at himself while I giggled away at him. So cute!

Nicholas is back at school this week and he is a great big brother, he did a wonderful job entertaining Jack in the car on the way to and from Coffs Harbour (a 9 hour plus drive each way). 

Being a boy Nicholas doesn't goo and gah over the baby but he does ask faithfully every day when he gets home from school if Jack has done anything new that day :-) His interest does not stretch to nappy changes and he gets quite disgusted when Jack brings up milk and he has to wipe it up (happened a few times through the 18 hours of driving). 

I am loving having a baby around and I am really enjoying every minute, I am looking forward to the next three months, seeing more of Jack's personality and watching as he masters a whole lot of new skills. 

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  1. FUNNY AS!!!

    What a gorgeous little man...he's as cute as anything!


  2. Such a lovely post Nellie, a beautiful update on your gorgeous little man. He really is coming along in leaps and bounds, by the sounds of it... and such a nice healthy weight too. Your holiday sounded like the perfect time away too. Keep enjoying every minute, they do change so very quickly in that first year xo

  3. What a gorgeous little boy and it seems he has a very devoted big brother. I am glad you are enjoying watching him change and grow ... they do so fast. Sounds like a great family holiday.