Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy 2013 and ALMOST 36 weeks pregnant

I am so thankful to say that bub is still inside and all is still going really well. It was such a relief to make it through Christmas and New Year and I must confess that once we were past both I gave up on bed rest. That may sound rather drastic but in reality I have been on bed rest for 3 months and I am now many kilo's heavier so giving up bed rest doesn't mean I  have been running around lots either. Unfortunately my stamina and fitness just isn't what it once was and I still need to sit and put my feet up a lot and truthfully there are just some jobs I really prefer not to do so I continue to let the boys do them ;-)

34 weeks

However the need to nest did kick in and I have spent a few days rearranging the shed with all my stock, washing all the baby clothes my sister dropped off, wiping down the bassinet, change table etc. I have cleared out some books, magazines, clothes etc and taken them to our church in preparation for next weeks op shop sale. I am feeling ready for baby to arrive any time he likes now.

I had a Doctors appointment today in preparation for the removal of the suture on Monday, I am excited about getting the stitch removed, it means a lot of restrictions will be gone and I can have a swim or go for a long walk :-) I am also a little apprehensive, I have read a lot of stories from other women who have had cervical sutures and some of them had a lot of pain when removing the stitch, a few have even said it was worse than labour. I am going to be brave and attempt to have the stitch removed in the labour ward, my doctor assures me that the worst discomfort is caused by the speculum but if we have any problems we will head to theatre and remove the stitch under general anaesthetic.

34 +5 weeks

I will go in to hospital on Monday morning to remove the stitch and should be home by lunchtime, it is not common to go straight into labour (only about 5% of women) once the stitch is removed so I will pack a bag just in case but most likely leave it at home so Nick can grab it if needed and bring it in.

I am starting to get very excited about the arrival of our new little boy, it is all starting to feel real and I am quite happy for him to come any time now. He is still growing well but this week I have started to feel uncomfortable, the heat hasn't helped but even without that my sleep is not as sound as it was. I am starting to get aching thighs and hips so I have to switch sides more often and that isn't as easy as it once was, bub shifts from one side to the other when I do and that can be a little painful. I also have finally started to get up to go to the toilet through the night, I know I am much more fortunate than most and am so thankful I have a big bladder but I can't seem to make it through any more and find I need to get up early in the morning or I am just too uncomfortable to sleep. I figure now that I am not resting as well as I could be than bub may as well come :-)

just for fun on the left 32 weeks pregnant and on the right today at 35 + 4 weeks (today my tummy measured at 37 weeks and I put on a kilo this week, Nick thinks it may have something to do with the 1kg tin of toffees that I have had out each night after dinner)

I hope the start of the New Year has been wonderful for you so far, I really enjoy this time of the year as everything seems to slow down and it is a wonderful time to just relax and enjoy life at a nicer pace.

I just love this handbag so much I have decided to use it as my nappy bag, it is a perfect size and all I did was buy a Isoki Change Mat Clutch that fits easily inside, perfect!

Have a great weekend and if you are in Orange please pop into the Church of Christ on Burrendong Way next week (Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm) we are having a big Opportunity Shop sale and when I stopped in today I saw lots of fantastic bargains.



  1. So happy to see all is going well over your way Nellie, I've been thinking of you knowing your due date is fast approaching. So glad you've made it to this point with bub still safe in your belly and well done on getting through all the bed rest. It definitely sounds like your precious little man is set to make an entrance with all that nesting you're doing. Take care xx P.S Love the bag - I didn't buy a proper nappy bag either and just did what you are going to do - worked fine for me x

  2. Hi glad all is still going well and I'm sure you'll make it through the stitch removal fine too.....I know exactly what you mean about being hot and uncomfortable and ready for bub to come when he wants too as I am feeling the exact same way.....this little man has long legs and has them constantly right up under my ribs or diaphram....three weeks today and he'll be here and i can hold him and move normally again hehe...take care sweety...xo

  3. Amazing news Nellie! You have done a fantastic job to get this far. Hope the stitch doesn't hurt too much xx

  4. How exciting that you get to meet your little man soon. We had thought of coming up to Orange sometime over the next week, and you had me at Op Shop sale!!!

  5. I'm glad it is all going so so well Nellie, but this suture business doesn't sound like a lot of fun. Anything that involves a speculum can't be too much fun!! I hopoe it all goes well xx

  6. Nellie, you are doing so well. Isn't medicine wonderful. To think that a simple stitch can help keep bubbie in. Can't wait for you go to go into labour and we can see him.

  7. Good luck Nellie. You and your bub are champions! Hope all goes well at the hospital on Monday x

  8. Wishing you all the best for the coming weeks, we will look forward to baby news! Love the photos you've taken of yourself. Great pics to have for the archives!

  9. So, so thrilled for you Nellie, you're nearly there!
    All the best
    Cas x

  10. Good to see every thing is going well.Hang in there...

  11. Oh Nellie, you are looking gorgeous and are ALL baby! So happy for you. Hope the stitch removal goes smoothly and is relatively pain free. How exciting that you are so close to meeting your new little man :) xo

  12. I'm so glad to hear that everything's going well for you and your little man, Nellie. Not long now til you get to meet him!