Monday, January 21, 2013

Baby Shower

My wonderful sister in law organised a baby shower for me on Saturday. She did such a lovely job especially since it was all a little last minute.

The food was all fantastic and Tabitha (SIL) organised for Candy Chic to set up a candy bar. 

The shower was held at our house so I disappeared for an hour and a half prior to pamper myself and have a manicure, when I returned I was treated to a delightful afternoon of games, food and gifts.

Tabitha organised games and prizes, we played a game similar to celebrity heads except you had a paper nappy pinned onto your back and written on the nappy was a baby item. When you guessed what your item was then you got to open your nappy and if you were lucky enough to have something in your nappy then you won another prize. 
We played pass the baby (similar to pass the parcel), when the baby laughed she was passed to the person next to you, when she cried you got to remove nappy and either win a prize or answer a trivia question to win a prize.

The ladies all got to guess how big my tummy was by cutting some ribbon to the length they thought would be closest to fitting round my tummy. Very funny and harder to do than you think :-)

I was very very spoilt or should I say our baby boy was very very spoilt and if you look behind me you can catch a glimpse of the bassinet our bub will be sleeping in soon. I slept in this bassinet when I was a baby. It has had a revamp with a new mattress and new bedding but is still in great condition and perfect to use for the first few months. 

We haven't set up the nursery yet as we have always planned for bub to be in the room with us for at least the first three months. Hubby's job now is to convert the garage into his office and include some display shelving for my store, then the spare room will move into the old office and the baby will move into the current spare room. We didn't rush anything prior to Christmas as we knew we'd have a house full of visitors and every room was needed but now that Nick has had a rest after all of his hard work (he rendered the house, replaced the pergola, ran his business to pay the bills, travelled 7 hours return trips on weekends all whilst being a single dad for four weeks while I was in hospital in Sydney) prior to Christmas he can make a start on the garage conversion. I am sure once bub arrives and he starts suffering from lack of sleep he'll move pretty quickly ;-)

As you can see I am feeling pretty loved with all of the lovely attention I had on Saturday and Tabitha even organised lovely thank you gifts for my wonderful friends and family who made the day so special.

Today we have reached 37 weeks and I am still feeling pretty good. Sleeping is not as pleasant as it used to be, my hips and thighs get sore very easily and I need to turn over far more than I would like and I have found that I sleep much better when the nights are cooler but I really can't complain of anything too major.  

Now I just have to be patient and wait for bub to make his arrival. Oh and thank you for all of your advice on turning bub back around. He ended up flipping back over on Tuesday evening and was confirmed via ultrasound on Friday at my appointment, Yay! 

37 weeks

I tried frozen vegies on his head for as long as I could stand as well as kneeling on the lounge, bum up and head down on the floor for as long as I could cope. I did both of these through the day, didn't have any immediate results so I just continued to pray that bub would turn and Praise God, he did!



  1. Hi Nellie, I'm so glad you had a lovely baby shower and got to treat yourself to a manicure definitely looks like bub was spoilt and that candy bar looks's a good thing you don't have the gestational diabetes like I do or that would have been torture...hehe....I hit 38 weeks and 3 days today and am having the exact same sleeping problems as right hip in particular hurts so much after a while if I sleep on it too long......I'm trying to shake bub loose and let hime know time is up but I think he's hanging in there for every last second he has.....xo

  2. Oh Nellie, your posts make me so happy, they are just incredibly lovely. What a beautiful baby shower and a beautiful SIL by the sounds of it too. That dessert bar is spectacular, spent a good amount of time just staring at those pics, I did! haha!
    Your gorgeous boy is about to grace the world and into such a loving, wonderful family. So so nice to read about.
    You're looking fab too, glad to hear bubs has moved around again, good luck in the weeks to come Nellie xoxo

  3. One spoilt baby - one yummy baby shower. Congrats.

  4. how beautifully exciting...all the very best!
    Bec x

  5. The baby shower looks beautiful.
    I am getting excited for you, so glad her moved !!!!