Monday, September 10, 2012

Spring Cleaning via the Organised Housewife

Somehow today I came across the Organised Housewife Blog and I was inspired to get organised and join in her "20 days to organise and clean your home challenge".

I confess that the last few months once morning sickness and the pregnancy tiredness kicked in my motivation disappeared and everything suffered. I got out of routine and it was just so easy for the day to slip away and I didn't really achieve a lot.

Now that my energy has returned and the morning sickness has disappeared and Spring has sprung I am motivated to get organised and get my house back in order.

I am a week behind in the 20 day challenge but that's ok, I will still get it all done (I hope) and it is a great way to get me back on track.

Today I tackled the kitchen, I have no before and after shots because I really don't think you would notice much difference, it really is all the small stuff, greasy build up and small marks here and there. 

Now it is all done and know that it is, I think that's the best thing when you clean, the satisfaction of knowing it's done.

Is anyone else doing the Challenge? How is your spring cleaning going? Are you an organised cleaner or do you just clean as you get the chance? 

I would love to hear how you tackle your house work.



  1. Hey Nellie, well, you read my blog so you already know I'm an anal-retentive organised cleaner lol! I actually want to have a look at The Organised Houswife's challenge though too and see if there's anything I missed :)
    Thanks so much for you kind comment on my blog post today too, I really appreciate it Nellie :)
    Take care and good luck with your cleaning!
    Cas x

  2. I am terrible at housework as I miss things - I just dont' see cobwebs and the like. Don't talk to me about greasy bits in the kitchen! I should do something about it. Gosh, that makes me sound terrible! It's maybe not as bad as that, but could do with some work, that's for sure, but there's always more fun things to do!
    Keep well xx

  3. Hi Nellie...well I can be an an organiser and then I can just wing it, it all depends on my mood and energy levels really....I love a well organised house though I find there's just never enough storage no matter what and I hate doing all the fiddly things like sorting out cupboards...I'd rather reorganise furniture and mop floors.....I'm going to pop over to the organised housewife though and have a look, maybe she can inspire me a little.....take care and I don't know about you but I'm counting down til Monday....xox