Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hello Spring

I am thrilled that Spring has arrived. I love the warmer weather and I love getting back outside to enjoy it.

I think it helps that my energy levels are picking up and the morning sickness has all gone.

 I am 17 weeks along and the pregnancy is going well so far. This is the week when my waters broke with Charlie so I am really praying through this week and trying to remain positive and trusting that all will be well.

The sunshine is certainly helping to keep my spirits up and the yellow daffodils are certainly very cheery.

We have been keeping busy around the house (ok, more the hubby part of the we but I do keep him fed and full of energy so it is a team effort) 

and we now have lovely new storage cupboards out the back to keep all of our outdoor candles, sprays, lanterns etc in as well as a great storage unit to hide the table tennis table in when we aren't using it.

I am looking forward to watching all of the plants take off  this spring. We planted a lot of star jasmine last year and I am impatient for it to start covering all of the fences and lattice. It will really soften the yard and provide some lovely greenery and a little more privacy.

Hope you are all enjoying spring as much as I am.



  1. Wish it was spring here today - just wind, rain, coldness and hail.

  2. Glad to hear all going well Nellie!
    Hope spring kicks off your star jasmine, it's such a great plant x

  3. Oh Nellie, I'm so pleased to hear you're feeling better. I'm waiting for our star jasmine to get busy on our fence lattice as well! J x

  4. My prayers are with you and your little one dear Nellie!! Take care of yourself and relax and be positive!!
    Have a beautiful day!

  5. Hi Nellie. I'm so glad to hear you're doing okay. We are also planting some jasmine to cover our ugly fence, it's great for that! You're outdoor area looks lovely and relaxing :)
    Take care
    Cas x

  6. I think that Spring would have to be one of my most favourite seasons, not too hot or cold. I'm glad to hear that you are feeling well and that Spring is keeping your mood happy. Take care. xx

  7. I am loving this warm, sunny weather too. Glad to hear you are feeling better - love the new cupboards and I am a huge fan of adirondack chairs!