Thursday, July 14, 2011

White Paint

I love how paint can transform something so easily and dramatically and inexpensively.

I whipped out some white paint that I had and in no time ended up with this

A reminder of what it looked like before

and now

I had a little sample pot left over from some touch ups we made at our last rental house so I used that. I don't intend to use the board and dome for cheese or food of any kind so I wasn't concerned about the type of paint I used.

I wanted a shabby finish so I used a chux cloth to wipe on the paint and then wiped it off again after each coat. I ended up doing three coats of paint to get the finish I was after.

I managed to salvage the last few roses on our bushes before hubby pruned them.

What do you think? $4 for the board and dome and paint for free , leftover from a previous job.

I also had a go at making some material roses and I am pretty happy with the results

I had some denim offcuts lying around. I think there from a pair of Nicholas jeans that I had to hem up as they were too long and the fake pearls are from the flowers Nick buys me. The florist  winds them around the bouquet and I always keep them just in case.

I tried a few different ways to make them and watched some tutorials on YouTube then just made it up as I went. What do you think. I quite like them. Now I need to find something to use them for.



  1. It looks fantastic Nellie! You would never ever think it was $4!!!
    I emailed you yesterday forgetting you are on holidays - whoops :)
    I hope you're having fun and how gorgeous are those roses.

  2. Absolutely fantastic! I actually thought from the first picture that the board was marble! Until I looked more closely and you explained if, of course, and the roses are beautiful.

  3. Nellie, i looove your flowers!! and the way the board and dome has turned out! i have seen a couple before in op shops and wondered how they would look in white, and i love it!! looks wonderful! Glad that you are enjoying your holidays and getting into all your projects!! cant wait to see how everything else turns out and your chalkboard wall! the thing i hate about that stuff is the strong smell and its so hard to remove from your hands etc!! but well worth it!!
    Hope you are well sweetie!!
    hugs and love, Laura xx

  4. Nellie Love you're a SWEETHEART....I WISH you were closer too.... :o) !!

    Now I'm LOVIN' the paint technique you've used on this piece....Do you mind if I borrow it....**wink**....I have a number of smaller pieces I'm sure would come up a treat with a little 'Nelliefication'....!!!!!

    Hope you've had a BRILLIANT week Lovey....!

    Cheers for now from TOO FAR away,
    Tamarah xx