Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just a quickie

Hello to all my faithful friends who stop by to make sure I am still alive!

I know I have been really slack at keeing up with my blog

but I have been visiting you all, just not always leaving a comment !

Sorry : (

I though I'd share a quick makeover I got round to on the weekend,

ok a few weekends ago, last wekend I was painting lattice....

Yuck what a tedious job!!!

We bought plain lattice to use as screening in the yard

and as a support to grow some star jasmine on

but we wanted white lattice so in order to save money

we bought the cheaper stuff and decided to paint it ourselves.

It takes forever with the spray gun and is very messy with a brush,

believe me I tried both and I still have lots more left to paint.

Anyway.. back to the quick makeover

We bought some $9.99 lanterns from Ikea a few weeks ago in an industrial silver

we wanted them white,  so out came the spray cans of glossy white paint

 and voila!

in next to no time they were done!

I took out all of the glass from the lanterns and set up my portable spray booth,

after three light coats of spray paint they were done!

We bought 6 of the lanterns to use in our new outdoor area

(which I will show you one day soon),

  I used one and a half cans of the spray paint.

and the best thing is it only took an afternoon to do!

Don't you just love quick makeovers!



  1. they look gorgeous Nellie.. hope you are well so funny i was just thinking of you today then i noticed your post.yah so good to hear from you !! hugs melli xx

  2. They've come up brilliantly Nellie and look perfect with their coat of white paint. Can't wait to see some pics of your outdoor area.

  3. Nice work Nellie, they have "come up a treat". The outdoor area sounds very intriguing.

  4. Wow, they look like you bought them white they look so good. I can't wait to see your outdoor area. And I know, how horrible is lattice to paint! I had to paint it for our deck screening part and it was a pain. I used a roller for the outer slats then just a brush for the inside ones - ahhhhh gives me nightmares!

  5. Love the white! I hope to get to Ikea soon myself.~Cheers Kim

  6. Nellie, isn't it amazing what difference a can of spraypaint can make. These looks great!

  7. I have seen those lanterns at Ikea, they look so much better painted white!! Oh the lattice painting does not sound fun! We have planted some star jasmine along one of our fences too! It's a bit slow to get going but I can't wait for the lovely scent next summer. Take care Nellie and it's lovely to catch up with you again. xx

  8. Now that's my kind of makeover - minimal effort for maximum effect! The 6 of them will look fantastic together Ne3llie, can't wait to see them in place.
    Painting lattice - been there, done that, YUK!
    Im a bit like that with blogging at the moment, lots of looking but not much else. Where is the year going all ready?!

  9. They look great. I love quick makeovers and I bet it felt good after having to paint the lattice. I can only imagine how tedious it must be but it will be worth it when it's finished. Have a wonderful week. xo

  10. Great little transformation - and your idea of using a box to spray paint....well that's pure genius. I've never thought to do that before, but I definitely will now. Hope all is well! - Katie

  11. I really love it! Will have to look in my local Ikea for these : )

  12. LUV them white! Where would we be without spray paint?? lol!

    xoxo laurie

  13. They look fantastic Nellie, I cant wait to see your outdoor area.
    Im like you lately, not many posts or comments but definately reading, sometimes life just gets a little busy!!!

  14. Hi Nellie, I am catching up too! I love your lanterns and that spray booth looks very similar to my jewellery box makeover booth - done in an afternoon also! Got to be happy about that! Nice job. ;-)

  15. Love those lanterns, what a great idea to paint them white. I have seen similar ones for a lot more then you paid so well done. Might have to go and get some myself for our new alfresco deck (which is still 5 months away). Gx