Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Aren't birthdays great (apart from getting older). I got so spoilt today. Both my wonderful boys made me feel so special, loved and appreciated. They made me feel like a Princess, from coffee and gifts in bed this morning to my cooked dinner tonight, I believe I still have a back and neck massage promised tonight as well. Hmmmm.... I am so blessed.
I have lots of great reading to do while we're on holidays. I received Annette Tatum's new book,
and Vicki Archers new book....
and a pressure washer ( I am not yawning I am trying to look excited)...
Fortunately for me it wasn't a pressure washer but a beautiful cloche and pedestal base. Along with a few other things. I am one lucky girl....

It was definitely a great day, thanks to everyone for their kind thoughts and birthday wishes. I feel so blessed!


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