Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Business

I haven't been able to post much as we don't have our internet connected at home. It is a long story but the short of it is that my talented Husband has started working for himself and has his own business. As part of the process we needed to disconnect our current internet supply and reconnect with a new supplier and unfortunately they must send out little Leprechauns on Moles to do the reconnection because it takes an awfully long time. As my hubby is a computer technician it is proving to be very frustrating given that he requires the internet to be able to do most of his work. Other than that the response to his news that he is working for himself has been very favourable and we are praying that he will be able to establish himself in no time at all.
His business is called ITTR - Information Technology Training & Repairs and his website is
the site is still under construction but you can stop by and have a look and if you are in the area and ever need work on your computer, printer, network, etc please give him a call.
I have been trying to get my fix of beautiful things while I am at work in between jobs and I spotted these two lovely images from Stan Benecki, and his wife Melanie Turner Benecki of Turner Davis Interiors. I love the elegant bedroom, it is so relaxed and calming I could easily picture Nick and myself having a cup of tea and a chat of an evening with the fire roaring, before retiring to that cosy looking bed for a much needed rest.
Their garden also appeals to me, I love the neat and tidy symmetry of the design. This photo makes me wish I could grab a good book and stretch out on the sun lounge to spend a few hours soaking in the warmth.
Photo source: Stan Benecki, and his wife Melanie Turner Benecki of Turner Davis Interiors via 'Things that Inspire' blog.

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  1. This fab bedroom is like a big Hotel suite - you'd feel like you were on vacation every day you woke up! Warm wishes to your husband in his new enterprise. I'm sure he'll be very successful.
    Millie ^_^