Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Dog House

We picked Mac up on the weekend. He is so cute. Unfortunately I haven't got any new photos of him ready to post yet but I will get on to that soon as he is growing so quickly. It is amazing how much Mac has changed just in the few days we have had him home with us. He is learning things very quickly, like where his food and bed is, where he should go to the toilet (he hasn't learnt this as quickly as I would like but there is definately improvement). His coordination and eyesight have improved dramatically along with his sense of adventure and curiousity. He still sleeps way too much for my son Nicholas who wishes he could wrestle around with him but it won't take long, so I am all for enjoying this puppy time as much as possible.
Mac is still very young, about 5 weeks old, so he currently spends the majority of his time sleeping in the laundry, soon he will need a house of his own. The options are tempting..
Apparently Rachel Hunter's dogs live in style..
I didn't see the pool in Rachel's pooches place, this 'traditional' style house comes complete with a doggy paddling pool, perfect for keeping puppy cool during hot summer days.
What about matching homes....
Perhaps something more classic
or a country style house for quieter times of relaxation and slower paced life
Then there is always this beauty from 'Hello Kitty' retailing for $30k.
If I had have been able to choose the puppy I would have picked one that I could carry around with me in this house.
Poor Mac he will probably just end up with his bed on the back verandah.
We can only dream......
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