Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tuesday Chat - Nourish & Nurture

Today's Tuesday Chat is with Tabitha from Nourish & Nurture. If you haven't had a look at Tabitha's page I highly recommend you do, it is just gorgeous!

1.       Tell us a bit about you and what you sell/make?

I am a bit of an all round creative, who started in the textiles and fashion field, then moved onto graphic design and illustration and am now making natural skin care products. I have always loved to create and make and also learn and try new things. I am currently making and selling my own natural skin care/ beauty product line including scrubs, creams, lip balms and baby skin care. My products are made with all natural ingredients, and I design my own packaging.

2.       Why did you start to make and sell your own products?

I had been working as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, but when my son came along, I found it challenging to get much work done at the computer, and was mostly one getting some done while he was sleeping, which isn’t much time really.  On the side I had been doing some research into making my own natural cleaning and beauty products, as I had been reading a lot about all the chemicals in regular products, and with a child in the house wanted to reduce the number of chemicals we were using and also save money while I  was at it. After getting into it all and creating some great alternatives to our cleaning and beauty products at home, I realised they were all easy to make with a toddler around, as most was quick to make and done in the kitchen rather than at a desk. So having had previous experience with selling handmade goods in the past, I decided to give it a shot, and start my own natural beauty product line.

3.       What does a normal day look like for you?

Get woken up by my cheeky toddler, then quickly check emails and notifications on my phone. Get my little man dressed and make us breakfast. After breakfast I do a short workout to help keep fit and give me more energy for the day, than shower and get dressed. My son usually naps around lunch time, so the rest of the morning is spent playing, doing work and cleaning, whatever we can fit in! While he naps, its my time to get on the computer and do some computer work, which includes graphic work, packaging, listing and sorting sales. Then in the afternoons, we often like to go out for a walk (which is a great time to take things in and get inspired), sometimes to the shops or a park or just to the post box to mail off orders. The afternoons fly, as we eat dinner around 5pm, and its bath time at 6:30. Once the little man is in bed around 7, then its back to doing some work for me or relax for a bit!

4.       Where are you most creative/what time of the day are you most creative?

I used to be a late night creative, but since having a child, and the day being so busy (therefore be pretty tired by the evening), my prime time now seems to be mid-afternoon,  once I am really into the swing of the day and can get down to creating.

5.       Where do you get your inspiration from?

I am mostly inspired by the world around me and nature. I love going for walks and taking in all the natural beauty.

6.       Do you buy things for your house because they look pretty or because they are functional and serve a purpose?  

I love buying pretty things. My husband is a bit more of a ‘functional’ person then me, so we do our best to compromise on this, but my office is my little place full of things that have no purpose other than to look at.

7.       What is your dream job? 

Working for myself and making things. I don’t think my ‘dream’ is necessarily specific, I just want to create and design in a flexible environment and work on projects I love.

8.       Do you have a major goal this year and what is it?

Well since I have started this new venture this year, my goal is to really get the new business of the ground and make it successful.

9.       Are you a homebody or a traveller?

I love to travel and see new things, but I think I am a homebody at heart.

10.   How do you relax?

Snuggled up on the couch reading a book or magazine.

 Thank you Tabitha for taking the time to let us get to know a bit more about you, we wish you all the best with Nourish and Nurture!

Make sure you pop back next week for another Tuesday chat. Have a great week! xx

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