Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tuesday Chat with Lullaby Lane

Welcome to Tuesday Chat, this is going to be a regular spot were I'll introduce you to our designers and suppliers as well as catch up with creative people who inspire others.

Our first guest is Kerry Rodwell who is the talented lady behind Lullaby Lane, grab a cuppa, sit down and enjoy getting to know Kerry.

1. Tell us a bit about you and what you sell/make?

I am a wife and a mum of 3 boys, I am also a banker.
I make and sell a variety of things including kids and ladies clothing, blankets, pillows, library bags, baby gifts (bibs, burp cloths, nappy wallets & Taggy's, pram liners and covers.

2. Why did you start to make and sell your own products?

I started making these things after a morning tea catch-up with a girlfriend who had a play mat/pram cover that she had just purchased but she still had to peg or tie it onto the pram and the comment was made "I am sure you could make that" so I did with a modification that allowed you to clip the cover onto the pram so it didn't blow off in the wind and it just morphed from there with my friends giving me ideas of what would be handy for them.

3. What does a normal day look like for you?

A normal day for me is getting the kids up and ready for school as well as getting myself ready for work as a banker 4 days a week, finishing work and trying to fit in a workout at the gym followed by dinner, homework and the bedtime routine, after which I will then either plan the next sewing project or do some sewing.

4. Where are you most creative/what time of the day are you most creative?

I am most creative at home in the evenings depending on how frantic it has been for the day but mainly on the weekends in the afternoon after the kids have finished sport and are having some quiet time.
 5. Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from my family and friends and their thoughts on what products they would like that are not out there in the market and what patterns and colours they want in fabric. As well as this I love just looking through all the fabrics in store and online.  When you see a fabric you can most of the time think "yes that would look awesome in a particular pattern"  but the majority is from customer input.

6. Do you buy things for your house because they look pretty or because they are functional and serve a purpose?

It is a bit of both for me, practical use is always at the forefront of my mind though as I like to be organised but I do like pretty things too that can dress the place up.

7. What is your dream job?

My dream job would be owning a fabric/craft store and sewing all the time.

8. Do you have a major goal this year and what is it?

My major goal this year would be a purchasing a new wiz bang sewing machine and taking the family on a much needed family fun holiday.

9. Are you a homebody or a traveller?

I am more of a homebody than a traveller but I am also a dreamer.

10. How do you relax?

Funny enough I relax by sewing and love a puzzle book, although when I buy a new puzzle book I say that I will only do a couple of them at a time and end up finishing the book in a couple of days which many would say is not relaxing as the mind is still working.  I do also like a bit of brain dead mindless TV.

You can find a gorgeous range of items from Lullaby Lane in store at McCarthy Designs and Occasions, we are located at 15 William St, Orange NSW 2800
or browse through our FB page, we are happy to post anything you see. Just contact us for more details.

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