Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jack is Six months old

So, I started this post more than a week ago and am still going. In order to get it done before Jack is 7 months old I will keep it short and sweet.


  • Your Length is 74 cm
  • Your Weight is 9.19kg

  • You are sitting up with out support
  • You are Drooling lots

  • You have 3 teeth that are visible just under the gum on the bottom
  • You have 2 teeth that are visible just under the gum on the top

  • You are drooling lots
  • Some days your nose drools just as much as your mouth

  • You're not really interested in rolling over, we know you can but you don't
  • You love making brrr noises and I can tell when you start to get agitated as your brrr's get more intense :-)

  • You drools lots
  • You are a very happy boy, smiling lots but still very studious and serious around other people.

  • You have started making a noise across between a growl and a grunt, you think that it's pretty funny
  • We all love you lots :-)



  1. Hi Nellie,
    First of all Happy 6 months to little Jack, I have to ell you I tell my daughter all the time for the past 3 years, someday when you get married and have children, if you have a boy name hime Jack, or Finn.... I adore his name :)

    How exciting your world must be with your growing family. I am sure you settled in with all the home remodling and yard work along with raising your family that it feels like it always has been as it is. Its so cute to have known you through blogging to see where thgings were to what they are now? It is a beautiful place to be is it not?

    Well I will see you soon, loooking forward to what next you will be posting.

    Many blessings to you and your family.



  2. Really 6 months....he is so adorable with that cheeky smile...