Friday, June 21, 2013

Winter table setting

I am really loving my table setting at the moment it is a little rustic with a little bling and looks perfect on the table at this time of the year.

The beauty of owning a home wares store is I can make use of all those lovely goodies and I have managed to sneak a few into this arrangement to mix it up a bit.

The last of my roses lived out the rest of their life in my vintage silver coffee pot (which needs a good clean) along with the Silver Glass Candle Holder with Diamontes and the small silver glass candle holder with diamontes. I sat them all into my silver cocktail tray and added some scattered diamonds. <3 i="">

Once the roses died :-( I swapped the coffee pot for the Silver Conical Vase popped in some twigs spray painted white and some hand made tags. This look is so easy, just head outside, find a tree, find some branches that suit your vase, right size and shape. Cut the branches off (if it's not your tree you might like to seek permission first) and grab a can of spray paint (I used white but you can be adventurous, try red, aqua, yellow or you can try glitter or metallic the possibilities are endless) apply as many coats of paint as you like to achieve the finish you are after. I bought the tags many moons ago on etsy and I still love them, I customised them by adding some quotes on the back of some and some bling (stick on gems) onto the front of some.

Then my latest delivery for my store came in I was so excited that I had to swap the candles for some gorgeous bottles, the Large Costolato Glass Bottle is just divine and the Smaller Rubbed Mercury Glass Bottle complements it perfectly.

 I think I need a bigger tray so I can add the candles back to the display, I do love lighting them in the evenings.

Do you switch your decor around for the seasons?



  1. Hey nellie, I do change things, a lot! all the time really! Love mercury glass and your displays are all so pretty! hope your little jack is well and growing fast no doubt!

  2. Wish I had the time to change things around.