Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Jack is one month old

I confess that this last month had absolutely flown and we are still just so enchanted with our beautiful baby boy. I haven't blogged much because I don't want to bore you all with photos of my baby but I am sure you will understand that everything else has really taken a back seat at the moment and I have little else to share. One day I will hopefully have a little balance back here and not be totally baby focussed :-)

Jack has settled in beautifully, he pretty much straight away got into a 3 hour routine, with slightly longer sleeps at night. Usually I get up to him once and sometimes twice. By getting up I mean I feed him at about 10.30pm then I head to bed. Generally he wakes up about 3am and then again at 6.30am, I can cope with this and I confess on weekends I go back to bed after the 6.30 feed. So I am not as tired as I thought I may be. I am praying that it only gets better and not worse.

Jack feeds well, has put on weight and doing all the normal things, he does seem to be slightly jaundiced still but we are just keeping an eye on it and the midwife thinks he may have a clicky hip, apparently this is common and nothing to be overly concerned about. The Dr will check it again at the 6 week check up.

If you follow me on Instagram or are friends on Facebook (if not you can follow me here or find me on FB here) then you probably would have seen most of these photos but just in case here is a little look at the last month.

March is shaping up to be a busy month for us with trips away at least 3 of the weekends at this stage. It will be interesting to see how Jack (and mummy) cope with all of the travelling :-)


  1. He's just gorgeous Nellie - I love that photo of your two boys together xx

  2. Awww just beautiful Nellie. Your little boy is growing and looking totally adorable. So pleased to read that everything is going so well for you and the family. Soak it all in and enjoy this magical time with your boys xo

  3. He's very lovely Nellie. And.......we love sing him so keep up with the pictures. My son had a Clicky hip. We had to roll up a cloth diaper to make a wedge between his legs and then put on another diaper so his hips stayed apart. Then he had to sleep on his stomach which is now not recommended for babies.

  4. cute as a button!
    Bec x

  5. aw, nellie, he is just beautiful!! thankyou so much for sharing the lovely pics!!! a month already!!! wow, he looks so healthy and cute, hope you are loving every minute of being a mummy!! And great name btw!!! U know i hav a jack, and even after sixteen years, havent gone off it or wished i had named him anything else!!!
    Laura xx

  6. He is adorable. Just love newborns.

  7. So beautiful Nellie, you should loose track of time and just enjoy the little baby time. How wonderful that he is sleeping so well.

  8. Jack is beautiful , and don't worry about boring us with baby photos as I don't think you can.

  9. aaawwwwwww so adorable, and am so happy for your little family.........smooch lovely nelllie xx