Monday, December 10, 2012

31 Weeks Pregnant

The last week has flown past since I have been home, yes that's right just in case you didn't know I am home :-) Yay!!!!!!

My last ultrasound in hospital was Wednesday week ago and the Professor came in to see how it was all going and gave me permission to head home. 

Bub and I are both doing really well and I have had another ultrasound here at Orange hospital last Thursday, confirming that the stitch is still holding up well and that bub is growing well. Last approximate weight was 1.85kgs or just over 4 pounds with big feet and long legs (measuring in the 95th percentile). 

 31 weeks

It's not not just big feet over here, my belly is pretty big too. It expanded quite rapidly and noticeably, thanks to all of those people who mentioned it ;-) Unfortunately with all the bed rest my belly isn't the only thing that has expanded so looks like I will have to hit the pavement once bub arrives, to not only get back my fitness back but to fit into my normal clothes again.

30 +3 weeks

My first week back home was fantastic, hubby had already decorated the house for Christmas but when we had news that I was coming home he set the tree up but waited till we were all together to decorate it. we've had carols playing all week and I am feeling super organised with all the presents wrapped and already under the tree. Hospital bed rest does give one lots of time to shop on line and it is so convenient to have it all shipped straight to your house. 

Speaking of online shopping, just in case you missed it I have a big 30% off store wide sale happening over at my store - 

grab a cuppa or a glass of wine (have one for me too) then sit back and finish off your Christmas shopping, my couriers are fantastic and they will get your goodies to you asap, unfortunately they're not miracle workers so don't leave it to the last minute ;-)

Hope you are all having a great festive season, I confess this year is the quietest lead up to Christmas ever for us but I am enjoying it and I am sure we will make up for it next year.


  1. I'm so glad you and the baby are well. You take it easy though, ok? :)

  2. Hi Nellie, so happy for you that you're home and all is going well. So funny we both updated today aboutour bubs and yes you have finally popped....Not sure if you've read my blog but I have a new due date as apparently I'm 33weeks not if bub isn't here before the 2nd Feb I'll be induced on the 1st.....only seven more weeks to go here and it's good to have you back in blog land....p.s have you got a new phone yet??....xo

  3. Fantastic news! So happy for you Nellie. x

  4. Oh Nellie, I am thrilled to see that beautiful bump and to hear you're home all safe and sound. Seriously lovely news for Christmas :) Sounds like you're taking it easy and doing all the right things to help you get through however many more weeks it is til bubs decides to make an appearance. So exciting! xo

  5. Yea!!! So excited to hear that you and the little one are doing so well!!!
    Hope you have a lovely week.

  6. Great news. Keep well and don't overdo it x

  7. So happy you're both doing so well, have a beautiful night xx

  8. You look great Nellie, don't worry about the weight, plenty of time to work that off later, just enjoy the quiet till bub arrives.
    Business for me has been a little bit slower this year too, always next year
    Look forward to hearing the baby news