Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Yes, you read right, today is wonderful. I am not sure why it is better than any other day but I am feeling good!

I know I am alive because I have muscles hurting that I forgot existed thanks to the weights class I did on Monday. So I am definitely keeping my New Years goals in sight I am working on getting fitter and I am generally happier and appreciating what I have. So far, so good.

There is lots happening in my life with new projects that are also in line with my goals. I am full of enthusiasm and excitement and I am really looking forward to the new adventures that this year will bring. Isn't that a great reason to be having a wonderful Wednesday?

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments on my last post and for your best wishes and prayers. It is so great to have your support and friendship!

How are you going with your New Years goals/resolutions so far?

Have a great day


PS. The images have nothing to do with what I wrote but the new Rue Magazine is out and I had a quick look these were my favourites.


  1. Great to hear you so full of enthusiasm Nellie, it sounds like you have lots of exciting things and projects going on. Good on you for already starting on your new year's goal. Sorry I haven't stopped by much lately, life with a baby has been full on. I'm off to have a little catch up now xx

  2. You sound so positive and enthusiastic. That's so great. Keep it up girl! As for me, yes I'm feeling pretty motivated to get my crafty thing on. I just hope the attitude stays with me :)

  3. So happy that you are having a wonderful wednesday nellie and feeling so great! Must go and check out that magazine now i think!!
    laura xxx