Friday, April 15, 2011

17 weeks

 Here it is the long awaited belly pic ; )

17 weeks today!! 

(I apologise for the photo quality,
I was rushing out the door to my doctors appointment,
No, I did not run out the door in only my tights and top,
 I did throw a knitted dress over the top)

The doctors visit went very well and I will have my ultrasound in about 2.5 weeks.

I am really looking forward to the ultrasound

 I want to see the baby again to reassure myself that it is healthy and alive.

I seem to worry a lot more that maybe things have stopped progressing and I just haven't realised because there aren't any physical symptoms.

I know that it is because of the last pregnancy where we thought all was fine until we went for the 12 week ultrasound and discovered that there was no fetus and only a sac,

I know that it is silly to worry about it, but sometimes I can't help it!

We would like to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl and we are more than happy to share the news!

I know some of our family don't want to know but we will cross that bridge when we get to it!

I wore maternity clothes to work for the first time yesterday I think it was because on Wednesday I wore this .....

and I think I look fat and not pregnant.

(Again sorry for the poor quality photo, I was on my way out the door to go to work and both photos were taken on my phone and come to think of it my mirror probably needs a good clean!)

Maternity clothes make you look more like you're pregnant
and less like you've been indulging
in far too many Easter eggs ; )

(is anyone else like me and buys the little chocolate eggs for gifts and then opens them and proceeds to eat them bit by bit until you realise that you have to go and buy more because you don't have any left for giving !)

Anyway, my aim for today is to try and get a start on my easter gifts and hopefully get most of them finished.

Easter is only a week away!

Have a great weekend my friends.



  1. Beautiful baby bump!!
    Reading your post brings it all back to me..such an amazing exciting time. I remember being around 4 months and thinking..I look fat not pregnant tummy was so wobbly..but WAIT..that little wobbly belly tuned into a very firm rounded baby belly..very quickly and you will most certainly LOOK and FEEL pregnant sweety..let me assure

    I can understand its so hard not to worry or think the worst..I was exactly the same with my little Jacq..I ended up purchasing a baby doppler on Ebay when I was about 24 weeks because I was such a worry wart..I only used it a few times..but on the days where I was really worried and couldn't was very comforting and reassuring to be able to use it and hear that little heart beat beating away so fast and know that everything was ok.

    All will be well sweety...think happy thoughts..that little bubba inside of you is happy and well...and looking forward to meeting you. :) Big Hugs x

  2. YAY, so exciting! And I think you have def crossed over that 'do I look fat/do I look preg' stage. I remember I used to wear this green dress which was in a baby doll style that really showed off my preg tummy in those early-mid stages.
    I can imagine you would feel worried. I felt worried quite a bit and had some bleeding (one time when I was in Melb with a friend and had to go to hospital it was scary not being near Glen and my Ob/gyn). I'm sure the bub is growing and all safe and sound and I'm still praying all the time for you (and Amanda too!).
    I hope you will be able to share with us the sex of the bub as I can't wait to find out. Or maybe you could hold a guessing comp on your blog that would be fun!

  3. You have a super cute belly bump! You most definitely do NOT look fat in that outfit, totally preggers! But I do remember feeling the same at about the same time.. maternity clothes really make you feel better.
    Take care and enjoy :)
    Flick xo

  4. Oh look at you! Your bump is gorgeous. And I have to say that eating all the chocolate eggs is not confined to pregnant people. Have a great weekend Nellie and put those worries aside if you can x

  5. You're definitely looking preggers and not 'fat' in both pics Nellie!! What a cute bump you have - makes me eager for mine to start showing soon. I know my tummy is way bigger than it used to be, especially when I look down from above and see a prominent round bulge, but everyone keeps commenting 'you don't even look pregnant'. My mum reckons she has a bigger 'pot belly' than me :)

    I totally understand your worrying, it's so hard in these early days when you can't feel kicks yet. I was a real worry wart back with Grace, moreso because like Janette I had some bleeding early on. This pregnancy, I find I am a bit more relaxed but I still find myself wondering how things are going inside my belly :) With IVF, I had blood tests every week for 8 weeks so after that point, it was very nerve wracking wondering if all was ok. My 12 week scan really reassured me. Now I'm hanging out for my 19 week scan as I don't have any obstetrician appointments until then either. I just pray every day that my little bub is growing strong and healthy inside my belly. Am keeping you and your bub in my prayers too. I'm glad all went well at your doctor's appointment today too. Big hugs xx

  6. Your bump is beautiful. It is definitely a preggy bump too. I think a lot of us understand your anxiety until your next appointment...I never felt totally at ease until my babies were born and finally in my arms. I'm sure everything will be fine. xx

  7. Heya GORGEOUS....!

    I'm SORRY to read you're 'fretting'....TOTALLY understandable of course....Would it help if you had a chat to 'someone'.... :o) ??

    I think your bump's ADORABLE & I definitely thought it LOOKED like a baby bump & NOT a lump from eating EVERYONE's choccy eggs....You DUFFER....hahahahaha....I shouldn't laugh....I bought a packet of mini wagon wheels yesterday to send to a Friend in Texas but ATE them ALL before I was able to post them....Back to the Stoopidmarket I guess....!

    Have a FABULOUS weekend & TRY to relax....!!!

    Tamarah xx

  8. LOL! You are so very sweet and funny, Nellie! :) Adore your darling baby bump - and yes....I find myself eating way too many chocolate Easter eggs. Thus my "Easter Egg Bump". lol! Have a blessed holiday, my friend!

    xoxo laurie

  9. Oh Nellie, while I have never been pregnant I think I can empathize with your fears. I think I would feel the same way. Someone very close to me had some very difficult times and it really made me see pregnancy so differently. I really wish you well. You look fabulous xx

  10. Your belly is beautiful :)
    Donna xx